Speedliner 6000 SERIES

Speedliner 6000 SERIES 6080WS - 6060WS - 6080WS LIGHT


The display of the program and the data is realized in 3D graphics. The user has access to all programs by simply pushing on 5 command keys displayed on the screen that guide him step by step in the measuring.
The aligner is equipped with a powerful PC, a A4 printer and an useful compartment for wheel clamps deposit. Special supports on the side of the control unit permit housing and recharging the measuring-head batteries when these are not used.

Speedliner 6080WS (8CCD)
Speedliner 6060WS (6CCD)

Infra-red transmission among measuring heads. Bluetooth transmission between front measuring heads and control unit. Maximum mobility between different working positions thanks to the absence of cables and any fix structure.

Speedliner 6080WS LIGHT (8CCD)

1 “Light“ open control unit with PC, 19” monitor, key-board, printer and battery-charger.

The steering procedure is carried out electronically, through the CCD sensors, so caster and king pin are measured with great precision.

Software operating under Windows that allows the management of:
– manufacturer data bank containing more than 90.000 vehicles with the possibility to enter new vehicles.
– data bank of vehicles stored with search by customer’s name or registration number.

A special Spoiler Program is automatically activated, through a simplified practical procedure, to perform the measurements on sport and tuned car bodies.

It is possible to measure wheel run out by moving the vehicle by only 30° (quick compensation in a little space)* without lifting the vehicle.

The quick measurement of axle set back, wheelbase and track-width, may highlight any errors in the vehicles body and chassis symmetry.