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  • Jacks


    SC 20L • kg. 2.000• Min. H 80 mm• Max. H 495 mmEXTRA FLAT / RIBASSATO SL 40L • kg. 4.000• Min. H 140 mm• Max. H 600 mm...

  • Wheel-free Jacks

    Wheel-free Jacks

    Suspended Smooth running.The needle roller bearings on the carriage rollers allow effortless sliding of the lift inside the pit.Durability.The piston rod and the pump piston are hard-chrome plated, for...

  • Headlight beam tester

    Headlight beam tester CDF102 - CDF103

    CFD102 Mechanical headlight beam setter with digital luxmeter, based on wheels, laser visor, laser pointing system. LUCES HALÓGENOS, XENON, LED:la combinación de la nueva tecnología aplicada a soluciones de...

  • Heated washing tanks

    Heated washing tanks

    Automatic machine for washing parts with heated water and detergent. Washing process through high pressure jets. Stainless steel frame and electropump. Heating system with resistace. Equipped with thermostat and...

  • Engine Stands

    Engine Stands

    R10 – 500 kg Rotating engine stand. Weight 24 kg. R 12 / 800 kg Twin rotating engine stand. The stand is lengthwise adjustable and it is fitted on...

  • Presses


    Hydraulic presses with hand pump, two automatic speeds and calibration valve

  • Transmission Jacks

    Transmission Jacks

    Heavy Duty KE200M 20/15T – 1.200 mm KE150X 15/15T – 1.200 mm Hydraulic-pneumatic automatic return enables the piston to return quickly with or without load. In contrast to conventional...