Wheel-free Jacks

Wheel-free Jacks



Smooth running.
The needle roller bearings on the carriage rollers allow effortless sliding of the lift inside the pit.
The piston rod and the pump piston are hard-chrome plated, for protection against corrosion and wear.
Fully hydraulic lifting unit.
Thanks to the patented corrosion prevention system, during every lifting and lowering movement the cylinder is submerged in oil on either side of the sealing sleeve. This means that both the piston rod and the cylinder are constantly in an oil bath, effectively protecting the cylinder walls against corrosion.
– The hydro-pneumatic quick lift rapidly moves the piston rod to the lifting point.
– The hydro-pneumatic forced return rapidly retracts the piston even when off-load. Unlike conventional pit lifts, the piston is in effect “pulled” back into its rest position.

J155.6M V1 – 15,5T – 830/920 mm
J155.6M V2 – 15,5T – 920/1010 mm
J155.6M V3 – 15,5T – 1010/1100 mm

With additional hand pump for precise lifting.

J155.8 V1 – 15,5T – 830/920 mm
J155.8 V2 – 15,5T – 920/1010 mm
J155.8 V3 – 15,5T – 1010/1100 mm

The pneumatic motor enables the load to be lifted at the push of a button, without any physical effort.



Perfect positionning under the vehicle



Adjustable trolley width