Wheel balancers For Cars

  • Librak 3D TEC

    Librak 3D TEC

    Equipped with automatic wheel dimension sonar and laser rim profile scanner. LIBRAK 430P.3DTEC – LIBRAK 430.3DTEC LIBRAK 380P.3DTEC – LIBRAK 380.3DTEC After lowering the hood: the sonar detects automatically wheel dimensions the laser scans...

  • Librak360

    Librak360 PWSON - WSON - PWS - WS - PS - S

    ELECTRONIC MONITOR WHEEL BALANCER The Librak360 brings the optimal support for wheel balancing with its improved weight tray, tape-weight roller support and 22-inch screen. Thanks to the automaic program...

  • Librak 350

    Librak 350

    Automatic measurement of distance and diameter.The arm stores the positions for balancing correction.Automatic activation of ALU S mode. Calliper for automatic distance anddiameter measurement Automatic programmeAluS, AluS1, AluS2, Start,Start1,...

  • Librak 348D series

    Librak 348D series

    Professional machines, which offer all the features requested by the most demanding operators. Maximum precision granted by the automatic measurement of distance and diameter and by the automatic ALU...

  • Librak 338FMD – Librak 336D

    Librak 338FMD – Librak 336D

    Electronic wheel balancers with microprocessor A low rotation speed balancer. This machine offers great value for money and occupies a very limited space, it also gives professional performances Professional...