TOREK BASELESS SERIES 32 - 33 - 35 - 40


TOREK 32W / 3200 kg
TOREK 32LW / 3200 kg Large
TOREK 32LWK / 3200 kg Large

Three-stage short arms for asymmetric lifting of large vehicles. Min. pad height 95 mm.

TOREK 32WR / 3200 kg
TOREK 32LWR / 3200 kg Large

Extra low profile arms, parallel to the floor.
Double thread pads with a min. height of 80 mm only.

TOREK 33WK / 3500 kg Large

Short arms with longer reach, recommended to lift off-road vehicles. Arms suitable for quick drop-in extensions.


TOREK 35W / 3700 kg
TOREK 40W / 4200 kg

Three-stage short arms and two-stage long arms provide asymmetric lifting of vans and off-road vehicles.

TOREK 35WK / 3700 kg
TOREK 40WK / 4200 kg

Arms suitable for quick drop-in extensions.


TOREK 35WLIK / 3700 kg
TOREK 40WLIK / 4200 kg

Model equipped with four long three-stage arms: ideal to lift long wheel base vans and easy lifting of cars.


TOREK 32LEK – LER / 3200 kg
TOREK 35EK / 3700 kg
TOREK 40ELIK / 4200 kg long

Electronic synchronisation.
Cables can be ceiling installed or recessed into the floor.