ERGAX SERIES 25I - 25IF - 30I - 30IM - 30IF - 35I - 35IF


Electro-hydraulic scissors lifts.

The best solution for a rational workshop:

  • space saving when lift is all raised

  • completely free floor space when lift is fully lowered.

ERGAX 25IF / 2500 kg
ERGAX 30IF / 3000 kg
ERGAX 35IF / 3500 kg

Fixed length of platforms for easy use.


ERGAX 25I / 2500 kg
ERGAX 30I / 3000 kg
ERGAX 30IM / 3000 kg
ERGAX 35I / 3500 kg

Extensible platforms to reach pick up points of the more demanding vehicles.

BT_ERGAX_valvola BT_ERGAX_appoggio


Every time the platforms reach the floor, the lift is perfectly levelled thanks to a patented valve.



Mechanical locking device with automatic engagement and pneumatic release, ensuring maximum safety when lift is in standing position.