We are pleased to introduce our new smart and flexible wheel aligner


This PC-Free model BUTD2.0WIFI is a new concept of CCD aligner and represents a
high-tech alternative to the current solutions available in the market.



No Cabinet and no Tower!! The BUTD2.0WIFI is delivered with a shock-protected tablet
and new attractive and Intuitive graphics. It grants maximum flexibility and freedom to work
and move, Compatible both with Android and IOS systems.



Connected via Wi-Fi, permitting e-mail sharing, cloud storage of tests on PDF, possibility
to add number plate picture on the test reports, compatible with Butler TEq-Link and
Shoot&Go, the new BUTD2.0WiFi it is also capable of working locally if no internet is available (vehicles databank is built-in!!).



New design of measuring heads with top features:
• pin bearings for faster levelling
• quick charge connectors
• one encoder for best accuracy during run-out compensation



Robust wall panels to store and recharge the measuring heads.
As well as the access point and the tablet permitting minimum impact
On the available space in the workshop.


Multiple options for clamps storage
(optional and suitable also for our other wheel alignment models)

The new BUTD2.0WIFI wheel aligner is in production and available for delivery.
Butler range of CCD wheel aligners with cabinet remains fully available.
Please get in touch with us for further information/clarifications and for a quotation.