Code of Ethics


By this Code of Ethics, Butler S.p.A. (hereinafter the “Company”) intends formally to adopt principles of legality, transparency and accountability as the basis for its conduct.

This commitment is intended to have important repercussions for the company’s reputation, gaining it public recognition as a responsible, reliable enterprise, a factor which it views as fundamental for its success and the promotion of its image.

Field of Application

The Code of Ethics shall be binding, with no exceptions of any kind, on all members of the Company (directors, auditors, managers and other employees) and the Company’s external associates (consultants, external auditors, agents, etc.) to whom it is therefore addressed. The Company also requires its main suppliers, contractors, subcontractors and business partners, and all those who have direct or indirect relations of any kind with it, to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of this Code of Ethics.


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