Airdraulic ELX Combi ELX Classic ELX

Airdraulic ELX Combi ELX Classic ELX 24ELX - 24ELX FI


Automatic tyre changers


BT_ELX_invemotor BT_ELX_invemotor02

Speed set by the operator, exactly as required. Inverter with governor to protect the tyre.

Exclusive Hydraulic Roller System Aids

Safely and easily handles ultra low profiles tyres and runflat.
Easily rolls the tyre off / on the rim, preventing damage.


The new Tool Locking system (TL) allows to set quickly the distance between tool and rim.


Easy Approach

New commands: permitting a precise and adjustable approach (button A), separate from the hydraulic bead breaker power command (button B).


Special Plastic Tool

Synthetic tool
Unlike standard metal tools, the synthetic tool allows to work close to the rim getting an easier bead extraction (even with not perfectly round rims). Essential when mounting/demounting ultra low-profile tyres, including the new BSR, PAX and SST run-flat types.