MOVID Wired & Wireless

MOVID Wired & Wireless 385HWS - 375HWS - 355HW - 75H


Electro-hydraulic mobile column lifts.


  • Electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns (PLC programmable controller with self-diagnostic system) should the maximum permitted difference in level be exceeded between the carriages. Safety stop in case of malfunction.

  • Selection of several operating modes possible on the master control box:
    – Simultaneous operation of all columns
    – Simultaneous operation of one or more pairs of columns
    – Single operation of each column.

  • Electronic device selects automatically the correct main supply phase sequence.



Main control panel of the main column featuring all controls.

Secondary control panel, featuring lifting and lowering controls and emergency stop button.


Possibility of setting a different height between pairs of columns while retaining the level synchronization.

  • Electro-hyrdraulic operating lifts

  • Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of hydraulic pipe fracture

  • Self-controlled lowering speed

  • Mechanical safety latch with automatic engagement and hydraulic release ensuring maximum safety when lift is in parking position

  • Warning light when the lift is in parking position.

BT_MOVID_baseLarge and solid base for maximum stability under load with self-supporting transportation steel wheels.



(→VAR 295/F → 5,5 ton)

(→VAR 300/F → 7,5-8,5 ton)

Version on demand featuring adjustable forks for wheels from 500 to 1200 mm in diameter.