LOGIC TRUCK T240.9 - T140 - T120 - T100


Electro-mechanical 4 post lifts.

T240.9 / 24.000 kg – 9000 mm T140 / 14.000 kg – 8000 mm T120 / 12.000 kg – 8000 mm

The motors are inter-connected mechanically by line shafting and bevel gear boxes in oil bath to ensure the perfect level of the platforms and balanced load on motors regardless of vehicle position. OnIy one adjustment is made during the installation, never during operation as there are no parts subject to yielding or lengthening such as cables and load bearing chains.

Automatic lubricati on of main and safety nuts and spindles is achieved by a plunger pump, one in each column, which ensures positive lubrication every time the lift is raised thus ensuring long life and smooth running. Main and safety nut assembly.


Maximum access to the vehicle thanks to the special concept of extended platforms, unique feature of this range of commercial lifts. Space is freely available to fit any part, including the engine.


Can be twinned as follows:

  • synchronised, therefore with the two lift platforms working at the same height;

  • in single mode, therefore with the two lifts working independently with platforms at different height.