Since the business regarding motorbikes is becoming more and more important, in order to put you in a position to get all opportunities offered by this market, we are glad to inform you about the launch of a specific motorized Bike Balancers new series.

The LIBRAK328BIKE balancer can be easily mounted on a work bench for a space saving installation or, in case of floor installation, it can be supplied with the support structure GAR363 (optional).

01 bike new 03-bike-new


Electronic computerized wheel balancer with high performances in terms of rapidity and accuracy. Motor driven launch with automatic stop at the end of the cycle.



Wheel balancer mounted on the support structure (GAR363) to be requested as optional.

You can download the specific brochure including all Butler bike products by clicking on the following link:

To complete the new bike balancer series, we have also introduced a full set of motorbike balancer accessories suitable for any kind of motorbike wheels. We suggest you to read our BUTLER_INFO_4_2017_COM_BIKE WHEEL BALANCERS ACCESSORIES where the range of motorbike balancer accessories now available is described.