We would like to draw your attention to our newly revised electro-hydraulic 4 post lift with flat runways LOGIC40LL.
This new version of the lift features wider platforms to ensure the possibility to load every small and large vehicles, following the requests of most car manufacturers.
The platforms will be installed at a fixed distance to allow a more practical use of the lift.


The main technical characteristics are
– lifting capacity of the lift: 4000Kg
– platform length: 5100mm
– platform width: 650mm
– distance between posts: 3000mm
– fixed distance between platforms: 900mm

If interested, the following accessories can be ordered as well:
S4405LA1 (front ramps for drive-through – 700mm),
S4405LA2 (long run-up ramps – 1000mm),
VAR4400A10 (lighting kit with LED),
S401A8 (post covers).

Further details are shown on our catalogue that can be downloaded from our website (
We stay at your disposal for any further information.