“ALIGNER CONNECT” Application for Butler Wheel Aligners

We are pleased to inform you that you can now use the ALIGNER CONNECT APPLICATION without any need of a dedicated router/access point between the wheel aligner and the device (smartphone/tablet) by uploading our alignment software version and higher.

The ALIGNER CONNECT APP is compatible with all our 3D/WS/WD wheel aligner series whether new, in your stock or already in use (at least 4.1.2 software version required, recommended

The aligner’s PC (on which the STDA141 token has been uploaded) shall be connected to an internet network in the workshop/garage via LAN cable or via Wi-Fi (with a low-cost USB Wi-Fi dongle).

The device (smartphone/tablet) with the ALIGNER CONNECT APP shall be connected to the same internet network in the workshop/garage via Wi-Fi.

At this point, by opening the APP on the device and typing the required password, it will be possible to visualize and control the alignment screen.

This possibility reduces time and cost needed to install and use this useful service.

Please note that the dedicated router/access point (STDA142) is still available and will be required in case there is no internet network in the workshop/garage, or where such network is weak or overloaded.